Elaichi Green 25 gms


Elaichi is also known as Cardamon. It is an intense, slightly sweet spice which adds warmth and sweetness to a dish. It can be used either as a whole or as a powder or only the seeds inside the pods.

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Elaichi Green
Elaichi or cardamon is a native of Indonesia, They are one of the most sought after spices and popularly used in the preparation of neychooru and biriyani. They are recognized for their triangular cross-sectioned seed pods. They are widely popular and grown in tropical and subtropical Asia.

Cardamon was popular among Greeks and Romans as it had a pungent aroma. They are the main ingredients in preparing perfumes and aromatic oils. Though in India cardamom originally came from wild plants located in the Western Ghats in Southern India.

In India, Cardomon is used popularly for the preparation of ghee rice and biriyani. Cardamon is used as flavorings and cooking spices in both food and drink, and are also known for their medicinal properties.

Genera: Elettaria and Amomum
Family: Zingiberaceae.


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