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Cumin Powder 100 gms

cumin powder

Sirappu Cumin seeds have a penetrating musty, earthy flavor. It’s one of our cooling spice specials. Its told cumin was believed to keep lovers faithful and chicken from straying. Taste our best for yourself.

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Product Description

Sirappu Cumin seeds have a penetrating musty, earthy flavor. It’s one of our cooling spice specials. Taste our best for yourself

In medieval history, cumin seeds were believed to keep lovers faithful and chickens from straying. Its recent influence on Mexican cooking has also grown popular due to its authentic properties of elevating taste buds. Cumin is a native of Egypt and the Mediterranean but recently is noted that production in India has risen especially in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh who are the most prominent producers.

Cumin is roasted very briefly on low fire on a Tawa and then grounded into a powder, This process helps in the release of its flavor more fully. Cumin is considered an excellent ingredient for digestion as well.

Botanical Name: Cuminum cyminum L.
Family Name: Apiaceae
Commercial Part: Fruit


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